Waii API Changelog - Version 1.16.1

osquery support

Complete Integration with Osquery

We are thrilled to unveil a game-changing enhancement in Waii: Out of box support for osquery (www.osquery.io), revolutionizing how you interact with your device and host data. Now, you don't need to know SQL or the osquery schema to perform security, compliance, or DevOps tasks—just talk to Waii!

Key Enhancements:

  • Natural Language Processing: Ask Waii anything in plain English, and it will translate your questions into osquery statements. It's that simple—no code, no hassle!
  • Augmented Security Insights: Waii doesn't just stop at osquery data. It let's you integrate additional security information, such as CVEs, to provide comprehensive responses about your systems' security and compliance status.

🔍 Example Usage:

  • Identify Suspicious Processes: Instead of typing complex SQL, simply ask, "What processes are running without their binaries on disk?" Waii handles the translation and uses Osquery to deliver the answers directly.
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment: Wondering if your systems are at risk? Ask, "Is this host impacted by CVE-123-456787?" Waii will correlate Osquery data with known vulnerabilities to give you a clear security posture.

Get ready to empower your team with smarter tools and actionable insights, making your digital environment safer and more compliant than ever before with Waii! Reach out to learn more!

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