Waii API Changelog - Version 1.7.0

MongoDB Support

New Feature: MongoDB Support

We're excited to introduce full support for MongoDB Query Language (MQL) in Waii! Your favorite SQL capabilities are now available with MQL as well. Here's how you can leverage this new integration:

1. Text-to-MQL Generation:

Quick App Development: Drafting a new application? Generate complex MQL statements from plain text descriptions to swiftly bootstrap your database interactions.

Data Insights: Delve into your JSON datasets effortlessly. Translate your questions into MQL to glean meaningful insights from your MongoDB collections.

2. MQL Management:

Bulk Updates: Refreshing your application or modifying workloads? Update batches of MQL statements seamlessly.

Query Optimization: Experience slow MongoDB queries? Let Waii assist you! We’ll not only help you understand the queries but also offer performance-boosting suggestions.

Explain & Summarize MQL: Simplify intricate MQL statements into more readable formats or get in-depth explanations on what they do.

Diff MQL Queries: Track changes, compare versions, and understand the differences between various MQL statements.

3. SQL to MQL Migration:

Dialect Transition: Migrating from SQL databases like Postgres or Snowflake? Convert those SQL commands into efficient MQL commands without the usual hassle.

Adoption & Cloud Migration: Looking to adopt new technologies or shift to cloud platforms? Transition between databases with ease using Waii's migration tools.

We’re committed to providing you with tools that make database management and migration a breeze. Give the new MQL features a spin and let us know your thoughts. May the JSON be with you.

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