Waii API Changelog - Version 1.18.0

Metabase support

Changelog: Metabase Integration

We are excited to introduce Metabase support in Waii, combining the strengths of Metabase's BI platform with Waii's best-of-breed text-to-SQL and conversational BI capabilities.

What is Metabase?
Metabase is a popular business intelligence (BI) tool that allows users to create and share data visualizations and dashboards with ease. It is widely used and loved for its intuitive interface and powerful data exploration features.

Why Metabase Integration?
Integrating Waii with Metabase enables you to leverage your existing investments in Metabase while enhancing them with conversational features. This integration helps you to:
- Enhance Usability: Users can build and refine models and visualizations through natural language, making BI more accessible to non-technical users.
- Maximize Existing Investments: Continue using the familiar Metabase interface while benefiting from Waii’s best-of-breed text-to-SQL and conversational BI capabilities.
- Streamline Workflows: Create, configure, and publish visualizations directly to Metabase, integrating seamlessly into your existing dashboards and workflows.
- Maintain Security: Align Waii with Metabase's security models, ensuring consistent permissions and access controls.

Key Features:
- Conversational Model and Visualization Building: Use natural language to build and fine-tune models and visualizations, then publish them to Metabase.
- Full Metabase Integration: Generate and display visualizations using Metabase. Other users can interact with these artifacts through the familiar Metabase interface, making it easy to share insights.
- Security Alignment: Waii adheres to the security models defined in Metabase, providing secure and consistent user access.

At Waii, we understand the importance of enhancing your current tools while delivering top-notch experiences. This integration allows you to use Metabase’s trusted platform, enriched by Waii’s advanced conversational BI tools, providing a seamless and powerful BI solution.

Experience the best of both worlds with Waii and Metabase integration.

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