Waii API Changelog - Version 1.10.0

LLM Proxy Feature

Changelog Entry for Waii Version 1.10.0: LLM Proxy Feature

Problem Addressed

Users of public LLMs often encounter performance issues, including heavy loads leading to outages, degraded service quality, slowdowns, and various other reliability concerns. These issues can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of applications relying on LLMs for critical operations and decision-making processes.

What's New

Multi-Model Support: Waii now supports integration with multiple AI models, allowing users to leverage the strengths of various LLMs. This diversity ensures that the most suitable model can be used for specific tasks, optimizing performance and accuracy.

Dynamic Model Switching: To maintain high performance levels, Waii dynamically switches between different models based on real-time tracking of their performance and accuracy. This ensures that the best available model is always in use, minimizing the impact of any single model's downtime or degradation.

Intelligent Execution Strategies: The introduction of intelligent retries, exponential backoff strategies, and parallel execution of critical tasks enhances Waii's resilience and efficiency. These mechanisms ensure that operations are not only reliable but also optimized for speed and resource usage.

Transparent Caching: A transparent caching layer has been implemented to minimize redundant computations. This feature significantly reduces latency and improves the overall responsiveness of applications using Waii.

Usage Tracking and Access Control: Waii now keeps detailed logs of model usage, including tracking who has made which requests and how many tokens have been consumed. Additionally, administrators can control access to specific models, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and securely.


The LLM Proxy feature fundamentally transforms how businesses interact with LLMs, offering a more reliable, efficient, and flexible solution. By addressing the common pitfalls of public LLMs, Waii 1.10.0 ensures that businesses can continue to innovate and operate without the risk of performance bottlenecks. This update is a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that meet the demands of modern data processing and analysis tasks.

We are excited to see how our users will leverage these new capabilities to enhance their applications and workflows. The LLM Proxy feature is a testament to our ongoing effort to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI and machine learning technologies.

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