Waii API Changelog - Version 1.14.0

Learning Query Patterns

Automatic Learning of Query Patterns: Enhances the adaptability and efficiency of our text-to-SQL API by allowing the system to learn from user interactions and manual query adjustments.

This feature significantly refines the process of query generation, making it more personalized and efficient over time.

  • Interactive Query Customization: Users can interactively generate queries through a sequence of instructions, tweaks, and manual edits. Once satisfied with the query, they can add it to Waii's training set.
  • Learning from User Input: Waii processes these user-customized queries to learn various elements such as:some text
    • Join Graph: Understanding the relationships between different data sets.
    • Semantic Mappings: Refining the translation from natural language to SQL.
    • Expressions for Measures: Enhancing the accuracy and relevance of calculations within queries.
  • Improvement of Query Generation: Incorporating user-driven customizations and learnings into the query generation engine allows Waii to:some text
    • Create Structural Templates: These templates streamline future query generation, reducing the steps and tokens required to build new queries
    • Enhance Response Efficiency: Optimizes the generation process to handle similar future requests more quickly and accurately.


  • Customization and Efficiency: This feature was developed to provide users with additional ways to customize the query generation capabilities to better meet their specific needs. By allowing users to train Waii with their own query patterns, the system becomes more attuned to the user's specific context and preferences.
  • Reduced Complexity: The learned patterns serve as templates, which not only speed up the query generation process but also reduce the computational load, enabling quicker and more efficient responses.


  • User Empowerment: Users have a direct hand in shaping how the system evolves and adapts to their querying habits and requirements.
  • System Optimization: Through continuous learning and adaptation, Waii becomes more efficient, capable, and aligned with user expectations, driving better performance and user satisfaction.

This update positions Waii as a more responsive and intuitive tool for data querying, reflecting our commitment to enhancing user experience through innovative adaptive technologies.

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