Waii API Changelog - Version 1.17

ClickHouse support

ClickHouse Support: Waii now supports ClickHouse, the blazing-fast columnar database management system.

ClickHouse has been on fire due to its exceptional performance and scalability, making it ideal for real-time analytics and big data applications. It's widely adopted for use cases such as:

Real-Time Analytics: Processing and analyzing large volumes of data in real time.
Big Data Applications: Handling complex queries on massive datasets with ease.
Business Intelligence: Enabling fast, interactive reporting and dashboarding.

By integrating natural language statements with ClickHouse, Waii empowers users to generate powerful queries without needing deep technical knowledge. This enhancement dramatically simplifies data exploration and decision-making processes.

Example of Generating ClickHouse Queries from Natural Language

Natural Language Input:
"Show me the average sales per month for the last year."

Generated ClickHouse Query:

SELECT toMonth(Date) AS Month, AVG(Sales) AS Average_Sales
FROM sales_data
WHERE Date >= addYears(now(), -1)

With Waii, you can now leverage the speed and efficiency of ClickHouse through intuitive natural language commands, streamlining your data analysis and insights generation.

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