Waii API Changelog - Version 1.4.0


New Feature:

Auto-Complete API:

Introducing our revolutionary Auto-Complete API! We understand the complexities of constructing SQL queries, especially when there's a need for speed and precision. With the Auto-Complete API, you can now make your SQL editing process as fluid and intuitive as possible, turning every user into a SQL maestro.

Key Benefits:

  1. Co-pilot for SQL Editors: Perfect for building interactive SQL editors, the API responds in real-time, suggesting completions as the user types out their query.
  2. Flexible Control: While the API is designed to generate SQL intelligently, developers have the freedom to determine the depth and context of suggestions. You're in the driver's seat, with Waii as your seasoned navigator.
  3. Deep Database & Context Understanding: What sets Waii's Auto-Complete apart is its profound comprehension of both the database schema and the user's context. The API doesn't merely suggest syntactical completions; it tailors suggestions based on the unique configuration and intent of the user.

How it Works:

Input fragments of an SQL query and the API will return a set of possible completions. These suggestions are dynamically generated based on Waii's rich understanding of the database schema, as well as the contextual information provided. This ensures that not only is the syntax accurate, but the semantics align with the database's structure and the user's intentions.


Imagine a user starts typing:


Waii's Auto-Complete might suggest:

"SELECT * FROM users WHERE..."

if the 'users' table is frequently accessed.

"SELECT * FROM sales JOIN..."

if the 'sales' table has common join operations.

"SELECT * FROM inventory ORDER BY..."

emphasizing the importance of sorting in the 'inventory' table.

And these suggestions could be even more nuanced and tailored, depending on the user's role, recent queries, and other contextual clues.

We're confident that our Auto-Complete API will transform the way you interact with SQL, making it more approachable, efficient, and precise. Dive in and let the magic unfold!

Your continued trust inspires us to innovate. We're always on the lookout for ways to refine and enhance your experience. Keep the feedback coming and happy querying with your new SQL co-pilot!

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