Waii API Changelog - Version 1.8.0

Agent 007: LangChain and LlamaIndex Integration

Release Overview

Waii version 1.8.0 is proud to introduce integration with popular agent frameworks, LangChain and LlamaIndex. This update is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of these frameworks by providing a robust solution for accessing and interacting with relational and structured data.

Problem Addressed

We are big fans of these frameworks. LangChain and LlamaIndex frameworks have gained popularity for their ability to build AI applications with conversational or task-based interfaces, but they often fall short when it comes to handling relational or structured data. Users have faced challenges with their built-in data access capabilities, especially when dealing with large databases (containing thousands of tables), complex data types (such as JSON and XML), intricate relationships (like 10-way joins), and sophisticated queries (including window functions, self-joins, and table functions).

What's New

Seamless Integration with Waii: This update allows Waii to be integrated as a powerful tool within LangChain and LlamaIndex frameworks, enabling them to efficiently handle structured data access. By leveraging Waii, developers can now overcome the limitations of these frameworks in dealing with complex data scenarios.

Enhanced Data Handling Capabilities: With Waii's advanced text-to-SQL conversion technology, applications built on LangChain and LlamaIndex can now access and manipulate relational and structured data more effectively. This includes the ability to perform complex queries, manage large datasets, and navigate intricate relationships between data entities.

Unlocking New Potential: The integration of Waii into LangChain and LlamaIndex opens up new possibilities for building AI applications. Developers can now create more sophisticated and powerful applications that require deep interaction with structured data, significantly expanding the scope of what can be achieved with these frameworks.


The integration of Waii with LangChain and LlamaIndex marks a significant enhancement in the capabilities of these popular agent frameworks. By addressing the challenges associated with accessing and manipulating structured data, this update enables developers to build more complex and powerful AI applications. The collaboration between Waii and these frameworks demonstrates our commitment to improving the ecosystem of AI development tools, ensuring that developers have the resources they need to unlock the full potential of their applications.

We believe that this integration will empower our users to explore new horizons in AI application development, making it easier than ever to incorporate sophisticated data interactions into their projects.

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